About us

A traditional and quality canning company based in Slovakia

The canning industry has a longstanding tradition in the region under the Tatra mountains. The first written record dates backs to1931. Following the nationalization of the former enterprise TATRA-tovaren the period of changes in the production program began. The product line expands into meat spreads, refreshments for travellers and ready-made meals.

We launched the first production of the well known spread PALI in September 1984; the best-selling spaghetti sauce in Slovakia up to this dayMORCA-DELLA was created in March 1985. These products contribute to the profit of the company TATRAKON which currently exceeds 9, 000, 000 EUR per year.

The product line consists of meat cans, ready-made meals and cereals. In the past years the company invested substantial financial resources into modernization of production equipment, improvement of technological processes and production innovation.


In 2001, TATRAKON, spol. s r.o., Poprad became the first canning company in Slovakia to hold the certificate EN ISO 9001: 2000 including the design and development. Upon Slovakia’s accession to the European Union, the company had met strict requirements and it was assigned identification numberSK 611 ES for production of pasteurized and sterilized meat products in hermetically sealed packaging, their storage and sale on the market.


TATRAKON became the winner of the fifth annual competition Family friendly employer 2005 in the category of Equal opportunities for women and men, organized under the auspices of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.


In 2007 the company received another acknowledgement: it became the winner of The National Quality Award of the Slovak republic competition according to the Excellence Model. EFQM.


In 2011 TATRAKON obtained a certificate of compliance with the international standard IFS (International Food Standard).


TATRAKON products win a new prize every year – national Quality Brand SK for meeting above-standard quality aspects, for example Majka golden rangePali golden rangeGazdovska delicacyTartar mixChilly toastsSalato PrimaveraPali and MORCA-DELLA.

Quality Brand SK has been conferred to our food products for more than eight years. Its aim is to support consumption of national meals. The guarantor of the National program for support of agricultural products and food is The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic.

Our company TATRAKON joined the program in 2005 already and 37 types of products have received the Quality Brand SK award so far; 34 of the awards were conferred to cans and 3 were conferred to extruded cereal products. 75% of products must be made of ingredients of local origin, they must meet health safety requirements, quality requirements and they must respect technological process.

In 2014 the Quality Brand SK was conferred to the following 6 products:

  • Salato Salsa chicken salad with pepper and tomato puree – new,
  • Salato Piquant chicken salad with corn, beans and chili peppers – new,
  • Majka delicate pork cream,
  • Liver cheese – new,
  • Gazdovska brawn – new,
  • Ham mousse – new.