Piknik luncheon meat pork (110g)

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The slice is made from polutry and pork and contains bits of pork bacon; it has a rahter solid texture. It tastes after stewed meat; it is slightly spicy.
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Piknik® luncheon slice. Thermally sterilized. Best before: see the packaging. Keep in a cool dry place. Keep away from frost, direct sunlight and heat. Consume immediately after opening!

Ingredients: mechanically processed poultry, pork bacon, pork rinds, water, mixture (wheat flour, potato starch, thickening agent E 407, stabilizer E 575, E 450, modified starch, flavour enhancer E 621, antioxidant E 316, spices and extracts of spices, coloring E 129), corn-wheat flour, salt compounds (edible salt, stabilizer E 250). Fat max. 20%. Pure meat content: 51%.

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