Healthy and easy-to-prepare meal for children

Children are the spice of life. Their chatter, constant movement, discovering of the world…it's beautiful to see how they get excited about each new thing, how naturally they absorb new knowledge, and how they make us go crazy. This is love with all ups and downs. We only want the best for them and the same applies to the food on their plates. So, for instance, spaghetti and MORCA-DELLA spaghetti sauce Baby, the tasty food that is ready on your plate in few minutes and can be prepared anytime anywhere – a can can never go bad...Or even a small, second or third snack is easy to prepare; if you have at your elbow the Majka baby pork cream or Pali baby without food additives “E-numbers” - just one little bread-roll, some of the spread and have a bite together....

TATRAKON, a canning company based in Poprad, offers various products for children, which are made with one aim only - to provide children with heatlhy and delicious food made from high-quality ingredients, without chemical preservation or any additional substances.