NATUR - without chemical preservation

TATRAKON company focuses on healthy diet its consumers, too. Our canned products and cereals are typically labelled with the unique mark NATUR which means they are without chemical preservation. As far as cans are concerned, our meat cans, thermally sterilized meals and vegetable products in hermetically sealed packaging contain the aforesaid label. They are produced on a natural basis from pure poultry and vegetable ingredients.

The products contain no additives - no preservatives, emulsifiers, thickening agents, stabilizers, antioxidants, odour and taste enhancers. You can choose from wide range of products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The products will provide you with necessary energy and meet your expectations.

List of products without any preservatives.

  • Pork meat in its own juice - golden range
  • Bologna sauce
  • Pork meat with paprika
  • Dolnozemský goulash
  • Fruco tomato-paprika delicacy
  • Farmers sausage
  • Farmers headcheese (brawn)
  • Cocoa balls
  • Hamky salty corn snack/li>
  • Chilli con carne
  • Chilli toasts
  • Pot goulash
  • Chicken breast in mushroom sauce
  • Chicken with corn and peas
  • Macko - cocoa bears
  • Májka baby
  • MORCA-DELLA with olives
  • MORCA-DELLA with cheese flavor
  • MORCA-DELLA with mushrooms
  • MORCA-DELL+G3A baby
  • MORCA-DELLA spaghetti sauce
  • MORCA-DELLA vegetarian
  • MORCA-DELLA for spaghetti - golden range
  • Mušlička - cocoa shells
  • G4
  • Pali meat slice
  • Pali - spicy meat spread- golden range
  • Spicy pepper spread
  • Stuffed pepper - golden range
  • Stuffed cabage leaf - golden range
  • Delicacy Pali baby
  • Delicacy Pali spicy meat spread
  • G3
  • Salato Funghi - chicken salad with corn, pepper and mushrooms
  • Salato Mexico - chicken salad with corn, beans and carrots
  • Salato Pikant - chicken salad with corn, beans chilli peppers
  • Salato Primavera - chicken salad with corn, peas and carrots
  • Salato Salsa - chicken salad with pepper and tomato purée
  • Segedín - sauerkraut goulash with soy and pork
  • Tartar blend
  • Tramp spicy meat-and-pepper spread